We provide Certified Skilled Nursing Care at home for such Patients who are recovering at home, Getting Discharged from hospital after any medical or surgical procedure or suffering from a chronic medical condition that requires continuous & special care at home. Nursing services could be provided for a short term or on long term basis depending upon the Patient’s condition or medical advised. Our Nurses are equipped professionally to provide medical assistance with compassion for patient comfort & their family’s peace of mind at ease of their home. All Male & Female Nurses are with proper two year Nursing Certification & minimum three year of hospital experience.

WMPS IN-HOUSE NURSING SERVICES; According to Patients that after a procedure Hospital stay for them is not an interesting choice even for their families; most of patient’s families want to come out of the hospital as early as possible to return back to their homes to feel comfortable so the patients can recover quickly. if the same kind of nursing care as given in the hospital, for such situations WMPSprovides Services for General nursing care at home minimum 4hrs to 24hrs of 15 days for following tasks.

The primary responsibility of Male or Female Staff Nurse at WMPS is to provide Live-in or Live-out Nursing aid in the home to patient need proper medical assistance and attentions before or after any surgery or facing serious medical issues and who can no longer take care of themselves. Our Nursing Staff provide basic treatment in a home setting that allows the patient to live as normal a life as possible and will perform assessments, give medications and injections (if needed), and assess the patient’s overall health. Our Nurse is also expected to provide companionship and help their charge both physically and mentally.

PATIENT ATTENDANTS at WMPS  are highly professionals (both male & female), friendly & flexible to help out your loved one in early recovery, rehab & sustainable attentions with their all basic needs like food & feeder, proper & regular medication, daily cleaning & bathe arrangements, pampering when required, companionship & interaction with doctors & therapists, purchasing their medicines & other necessities, cleaning & maintain their room as well as clothing. All attendants are well groomed, educated & experienced but they are non-medical staff, & available for both Day & Night shifts as well as on 24/7.

Our Patient Attendants will cook, clean, shop, run errands and drive their patients wherever they need to go. An Attendant is expected to be sensitive to the needs of their patient. They should offer friendly companionship as well as allow a degree of independence for their patient.

PHYSIOTHERAPY SERVICES at WMPS; Provides home visits for physiotherapy Services for elderly & symbolize persons, Physiotherapy, it is one of the most essential service to be given for an elderly person as it provides relief from pain, Muscles spasm, Muscles contractions, Stiffness & Numbness. Physiotherapy helps the elderly & immobilize persons to retain freedom of mobility with ease by having regular physiotherapy sessions daily or a periodical basis based or as per patient condition ultimately to improve Joint Flexibility, Muscle Strength, Balance Improvement, Range of Movement, Flexibility, Posture, & Functional Ability .
The primary focus of our Therapist is to assist seniors or patient with an exercise program that will help improve their strength, mobility and independence and overall health and fitness. The Physiotherapist may conduct fitness assessments, and help plan and implement exercise programs that will improve the quality of life for the elderly person.